Saturn has a bad rep among followers of astrology.  It is the planet associated with old age, bringing infirmity; limitations; liabilities; insecurity; and depression.  But all of these can strike at any age; and with the current plague—The Pandemic—DO.  We don’t need mental-health experts to remind us that we are suffering.

Astrologers, however, see Saturn differently: we know that Saturn is the key to any horoscope.  If a chart sets out our operating systems, Saturn is its mandate, the objective we must achieve in this lifetime.  Every human milestone has a Saturnian component.  The Sabian Symbol for the degree of your Saturn describes what you came here to do.

So, now, the Pandemic.  COVID has brought us to our knees, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.  But some people seem to have–and be able to KEEP–it together throughout these taxing times…HOW?  What’s their secret?

Saturn.  The unexpected blessings of structure.  Rote.  Routine. Practice.  Whatever one calls it, Saturn bestows the quality of self-discipline, which allows us agency in these out-of-our-control periods.  Repetition gives us confidence that the Sun WILL rise tomorrow.  Results in hard times are infinitely sweeter, because we had to WORK for them; and hard work pays off in dividends of reassurance that we will prevail.  

So—start that diet.  Craft that budget.  Set that alarm clock.  We can make constraints a choice, with Saturn’s help.  And that is the essence of SERENDIPITY: “unlooked-for happiness”.