“I’m so tired.“  How many times a day do you find yourself saying that?  WHY are you tired?  What are you tired OF?  What is robbing you of your energy and life force?

Vitality is a birthright.  We came into this world bursting with the joy of being alive: we MADE it!  We’re HERE!  We came into the bodies and the situations our souls selected before we were born, ready to take on the times and places necessary for our psychic growth.  We chose our genders and our parents and our circumstances, and we took that first breath, and WHOOSH!  Life rushed in to meet us, and so it began.

And we came in with a map: our stars and planets form a visual representation of what we came here to do and who we came here to be.  All this we knew then; but with every new experience the forgetting began.  “What are you saying?  You can’t mean that!  That’s crazy!”  Except, of course, that it wasn’t; but the world’s voices can be persuasive. 

Remembering ourselves is an act of resistance in a holy revolution.  Waking up to who we are and who and what we came to be is like coming alive again, finding the joy and wonder in the every-day miracles of life.  And all of it, the agonizing missteps and the creative discoveries and the blinding realizations, ALL of it, is available to you at any moment.

It’s all there in your chart: a life that looks like you and sings your songs.  And you can reclaim it by changing the script.