Proceeding According to Precedent

“Unprecedented” is one of the latest buzz-words, followed frequently by the phrase, “not ideal”.

It sure isn’t.  For an astrologer, the idea’s absurd.

Astrology—the study of stars—is built on cycles observed over millennia. Planets orbit in well-documented patterns.  Eclipses and nodal shifts recur.  New-to-us dwarf planets and asteroids are discovered daily as we invent the technology to see them; but they were always THERE: we just didn’t know about them.

And history tracks with astral phenomena.  Having noticed these bodies of light in the heavens, we also recorded that their appearances coincided with earthly events and epochs, both tiny and immense.  Placing ourselves in a celestial timeline is both reassuring and humbling, as we are NOT the centres of the universe, as we might imagine. Nothing that is happening now has not happened in essence at some point in the past; but each recurrence invites us to respond differently.  New choices, new decisions, new epiphanies—and new mistakes.  And THAT’S free will. 

But it certainly isn’t unprecedented.