Jupiter loves Taurus.  The Planet of Excessive Enthusiasms has been traveling through the Sign of Earthy Delights since May, spending madly—since Uranus, the Erratic Genius, has also been there—accruing expensive toys and luxurious experiences all summer. 

Until yesterday, when it reversed course.

Retrograde motion comes hard to Taurus, who likes to acquire and retain and is stubbornly averse to the idea of cutting back.  But retrenchment is the order of the season: in point of fact, the gas giant will be moving backwards until the end of the year.  The party’s over, at least for now.

But all is not lost.  Remember the work we just did with Venus’s retrograde?  Having ascertained what’s important to us, we can move ahead with our plans for discarding the dross, without TOO much pain in changing our habits. In a year in which Ozempic dominates the trend-lines, less IS more; but balance (another Venusian keyword) is key.

Our Depression-era grandparents lived by the motto, “Use it up/Wear it out/Make it do/Go without”.  Well, we aren’t there, exactly, but they’re useful notions to contemplate.  I’d add another couple: content yourself with what you have and pass on what you no longer need (because someone else undoubtedly WILL).

Delight in the day.  It’s free.