Periodically, I get panicked emails from clients asking how to handle the astral weather out there.  It doesn’t have to be disaster-scrolling. Here’s a quick-and-dirty cheat-sheet:

Transits.  Don’t let ‘em throw you.  If the planet is fast-moving, they’re short, and this, too, shall pass; if it’s medium-range—say, 2 to 30 years—you’ve been here before, and you’ve got experience to draw on; if it’s beyond your years—well, there’s always history.  

Retrogrades.  Opportunities to review, revise, reimagine, or retract errors according to the nature of the planet before mistakes get any bigger.  Celebrate these periods of salvation.

Eclipses.  A whole lot of shaking going on in some part of your chart, ergo your life.  Roll with ‘em: 2 or 3 every 6 months, reliably, the stability of some area of your existence will be challenged, with reverberations for at least 3 years; like transits, these return cyclically every 18 years.  We need them: they keep us from redecorating our ruts.

We came in with maps, which explain our individual microclimates, but astral weather preceded and will occur after us.  It’s helpful to recognize which way the wind’s blowing, and to bring our rubbers when it’s raining; but there’s no need to worry.