So I’m back.  New day:  Blog Tuesday has morphed into Writing Wednesday; but still—BACK.

In December, when I stopped writing, I thought I had said everything I wanted to say up to that point about astrology.  I was going through a period of intense personal grief and renewal, and I didn’t feel I could summon up wisdom sufficient for my own needs, let alone for anyone else’s.  Yet somehow we all survived and grew—for to survive in this world is to grow—and are now facing even greater challenges in 2019 than we were in the 3-Eclipse Summer of 2018…  Yet, as always, the message is clear: we ARE the people for this time, the new heroes and villains of this age, because WE ARE HERE NOW.  So let us take up our respective tasks joyfully—me to write; you, to read; all of us to pay attention—and to LIVE, as well and as truly as we can in these interesting times.