I was thinking today about context—loosely defined, environment.  Context is where things happen; content is what those things are; convention is to some extent why they happen; and constraint is what prevents them from happening.

All of these ideas are connected.

Each of these words begins with the prefix “con”, which means together, which means…relationship.  Everything we do with another being—or even by ourselves—implies relationship with someone or something else.

And it tells a story.  Out of such elements are narratives constructed—that is, built together.

What appeals and has always appealed to me about astrology is that it tells the story of the relationships in our lives, describes their natures, heralds their arrivals.  Our stories begin and end with our connections to others; but the middle bits also hang on the characters we meet, what we do with them, and how we feel about it.

Right now, with Venus Retrograde, the emphasis globally is on how we play with others, and the importance of getting along.  There has never been a better time to examine the quality of our interactions with others, to analyze their motivations and our own, and to concentrate and consider the effects of choices made on all concerned.

Starting with ourselves.  The smartest, kindest, coolest thing we can do for others is to understand our own narratives.  Our stories.  Concept.