Astrology is based on time and space, and what may be derived from studying the astronomical mirror—the positions of the planets and stars–overhead.  It is a body of empirical knowledge, composed of observed data and lore, of records kept of moments in time—of perceived patterns and regularly repeated cycles that occur around significant events.

Like birthdays.  You were born: thus you have these traits, and this is your mission.  Astrology implies that you matter, that you have a unique job to do.  By studying your chart, you can figure out what your calling is, what your life’s about.

Astrology presupposes the idea that every moment in time has its own characteristics and rhythms, and can be understood in terms of those traits and dynamics. 

If you were born at that moment, then you share those traits with every other person born at that moment in time, in that place.  Generally there aren’t that many: even twins are separated in time by a few moments, and their charts can have very different emphases.  By comparing your birth chart with your experience, you can glean perspective and self-knowledge.

From earliest times, human beings have looked up at the heavens and wondered about their place in the cosmic scheme of things.  They observed; and recorded; and marveled at the recurring patterns.

If we understand the characteristics of a moment in time, then we have insight into what is happening there and then.  I keep mentioning place, because locale determines recorded time: this is important in keeping track of that moment.  If we know something of the history of a place, such as when a city is founded, then we have a “birth” time; and that moment of founding can be synthesized with what we know of its subsequent events.  We can chart the course of history—literally. 

Why WOULDN’T you study astrology?!?