The long astral summer of retrogrades and eclipses is over.  Now what?

We get a breather, that’s what.  The outer planets are still retrograde, tho’ Saturn goes direct on September 6th; but all the personal planets are moving forward, which allows us to pick up again from where we were in June.  Mercury ends its shadow on September 1st, so we’ve had time to regain any mental ground scrambled during its backwards trek; Mars went direct yesterday, but stays in shadow till September 12th.  Just as students return to school, we can get back to normal.


It was a tough summer for most of us—gut-wrenching situations we were powerless (or so it felt) to fix, solve, or change.  The only way through it was…through it.  And somehow we made it: so what did we learn?

The question is important, because we have one of the most life-altering transits ahead in October: Venus Retrograde.  Just as we spent the summer reassessing how we THINK about what we DO, Venus demands that we consider how we FEEL—about ourselves; about others; but most importantly, about our relationships in general.  All of ‘em.

Checking in with our hearts demands an emotional honesty that can be brutal, so most of us rarely go there—but under Venus Retrograde, we’ll HAVE to do so.

But that’s then; and this is now; and NOW is the time for putting everything that was disrupted back into place, so that it can tick along while we assess our feelings in October.  Now is the time for patting ourselves on the back—we got THROUGH this summer; and we can get through through the fall.  We’ve got this.

But it helps to know exactly WHAT it is that we’ve got.