Mercury goes Retrograde Saturday.  Time to re-consider.  Everything.

I love retrograde Mercuries:  they’re FUNNY.  Everyone has stories of annoyance, delay, coincidence, trains or planes missed, loves lost, loves found, the lone slipper at large under the chaise lounge—the anecdotes range from the tragi-comic to the merely silly, but they almost always contain an element of humour, appropriate to the Trickster Planet. 

Retrograde Mercury’s message:  LIGHTEN UP, PEOPLE!

We need retrograde periods.  We need the metaphorical finger drawn across our paths, the Spaniard in the works.  We need to remember not to take ourselves or our plans too literally, that we are NOT our minds—thank goodness—and that we have a chance to re-think and do-over what probably needed overhauling from the start.  We can re-spect—look again at—our lives and our work.  And, hell, it’s only three weeks–

As Porkypine sagely says:  “Don’t take life so seriously, son.  It ain’t nohow permanent.”