Okay, folks, it’s time once again to sort out matters done and left undone.  Every 3 months or so, we go through the planetary exercise known as Mercury Retrograde: this time the dates are October 21st to November 10th, with a shadow period thereafter through the 27th.   During those 5 weeks, phone calls will drop; planes will be late; emails will be lost, or sent unwittingly to the wrong people; all memory of dates or appointments will be suspended; and translators will choose an incorrect idiom.  Misunderstandings abound; and normal communication screeches to a halt.

Mercury R has a wretched rep.
BUT it’s an incomparable time for the unlooked-for conversation that changes one’s life.  Or the resolution of ancient grudges.  Or the Heaven-sent opportunity to FIX one’s mistakes.  So there ARE compensations.

My favourite metaphor to explain Mercury Retrograde is that of winding the bobbin, an infrequent but essential chore in sewing-machine protocol.  In order to fill the bobbin, which provides half the thread used, one must loosen the tension on the machine, which means it cannot be operated in the normal way until one is finished the task—at which point one tightens the knob and sets off merrily as before. 

Now we can’t suspend all mental activity for the 3 weeks of Retrograde Mercury; but we CAN suit our expectations to the time, and make allowances for the possi-probability that things may go awry, with unexpected consequences.

Some of which are wonder-full….