The truth about “Super Moons” is that they AREN’T.  It’s hype, pure and simple.  Today’s New Moon is a lunation like any other; but someone with a lot of time on her hands and a smidge of marketing savvy decided to give it a souped-up label.

Actually, the idea behind a “Super Moon” derives from the math of having thirteen lunar months and twelve calendar ones: every so often a New or Full Moon will occur twice in a calendar month, and will be hailed as a Super or Blue Moon, portending all sorts of nonsensical luck.  It’s rotation, folks, the luck of the draw.  Now the planetary configurations WITHIN the lunation chart might be extraordinary, as the last few have been—we are living in INTERESTING TIMES, people—but the calendric coincidence means nothing.  

If the Moon is a balloon, then this one just got busted.  Sorry.