Well, we’re over the hump of the Equinox; so now Spring should be clear sailing, right?

Not exactly.

Right now, Mars and Saturn are traveling together in Capricorn, in a tight 90* angle to the Aries Sun; so, for the better part of this week showdowns are likely between will and ego—or duty and whim, if you prefer.  Things could get testy.

Sorta like putting your feet simultaneously on the gas and the brakes and listening to your gears (and teeth) grind.

All this is engaged in a powerful Full Moon on Saturday, upping the ante considerably.  Because the Moon moves so rapidly, and has such a profound effect on the emotional climate, this spells D-R-A-M-A.

In addition, Venus and Eris (asteroid named for the Goddess of Strife) are closing in on trickster Uranus, which occupies 28* Aries: “A performer is confronted by a large, disappointed audience.”  Now this could usher in further #MeToo-like revelations (Venus symbolizing women in general and Eris the Warrior Feminine), or an overdue uprising of exasperated and underpaid Handmaids; but more likely it indicates a deepening of the gender divide, in an already polarized period.

And Mercury’s Retrograde, which doubles the chances of putting one’s foot in one’s mouth.  (Ideally we’ll hear some home-truths as well, but potentially not until flared tempers calm down.)

So the year’s at the Spring; but the bases are loaded: the best policy may be no policy at all, except opening doors—windows—-and minds–to possibility.

And new beginnings.