Astrologers, as most of us will be happy to tell you, are not fortune-tellers.  And yet, in large part, prediction is part of our stock-in-trade: we are in the business of reading the signs and giving a forecast.

Like weathermen.  Like stockbrokers.  Like sportscasters.

We do this.  And yet, what are we REALLY doing?  We are looking at the data and giving our best guesses.

Like scientists.  Like contractors.  Like insurance agents.

We look closely at who you are and what your needs may be, based on information YOU give us; and using our native intelligence, combined with the accumulated observations of several millennia, we give advice.  We help you navigate the map you came in with.

And—the human mind being an imprecise instrument—sometimes we are wrong.

Prediction is always a matter of probabilities, hypotheses based on our ability to glean insight from the planets’ reflections of life on Earth.  Sometimes our views are too narrow, our understanding of context incomplete; sometimes our mistakes are just human error.  But—like a camera—the astral lens does not discriminate: it captures the whole picture, even when we miss things—which occasionally we do.

As above, so below.  And tho’ from time to time astrologers might miss or misconstrue the messages contained within them, birth charts do not lie.  Each of us has a clear mandate; and everything we need to fulfil our purpose is THERE; so we predict, out of the need to project into the unknown, based on everything that has gone before.  We forecast, based on probabilities.  But we do NOT tell fortunes.