Tra-la!  It’s May!  The merry month of…no, wait— May this year is somber, like the spring that seemingly never comes. No matter the temperature outside, the astral weather is chilly.  It settles in with cold, hard pragmatism, demanding that turf lines be drawn and respected, authoritarian, humourless, and testy.  Saturnian.  Saturn at its worst.  Just the facts, ma’am.

7 planets and asteroids in Capricorn; and on the East Coast, they are RISING.

And yet, mid-month, a change: Uranus thrashing its way for 8 embattled years through war-like Aries gives way to peaceful, hedonistic, earthy Taurus…the Trickster Planet will spend the next 7 years attempting to rouse the placid Bull to action.  Uranus is exalted in wily Scorpio, Taurus’s opposite sign: it delights in stratagems and plots; but Taurus is plain-spoken, straight-forward, stubborn in its bovine calm and its refusal to be provoked.  Just as well: an angry Bull goes through doors.

On the heels of this change, another: Mars leaves Capricorn for the nonce (to return, retrograde, in August) and moves into Aquarius—Aquarius, the Humanitarian, wants immediately to shift the focus to more lofty aims; but next month’s retrograde will squelch those ideals, following the 3 Eclipses later on this summer—but I get ahead of myself.

Where we are now requires fortitude: the stick-to-it-iveness to slog on through.  And a sense of humour, since the astral weather is so glum.  We can do this; we can dig down and find our own mirth, and we can share it with one another, as one does in times of scarcity.  This takes discipline and stubbornness (the flavours of the month); and if we do so cheerfully, we will MORE than prepare ourselves for the tremors of July and August: we shall prevail.

We’ve got this.