One can draw a chart for any moment in time.  This is to say that every minute is a different chart, tho’ obviously not RADICALLY different.  Planets move at different rates—the Sun takes approximately 24 hours to move a degree; the Moon takes 2 hours to do it; the rest take anywhere from 24 hrs to several years.  Why does this matter?  For an astrologer who uses Sabian Symbols extensively, as I do—it means that the shifting planetary collage—not unlike a kaleidoscope–reflects the world around us. 
Those images tell stories.  They reflect the news—which will be reported tomorrow.  

As I write, conflicts in the Ukraine and Syria are in the news.  The Sabian Symbols for Saturn—the planet of restriction, and also of focus—is 24• Scorpio: “Crowds returning home after hearing an inspiring ‘Sermon on the Mount’.”  In other words, those people have been stirred up and are looking for somewhere to USE that emotion.  Opposite Saturn in the sky right now is Sedna, the asteroid associated with feeling hard-done-by: its Sabian Symbol (24• Taurus) is “An Indian rides fiercely into battle, scalps hung at his side.”  The reaction to being stirred up by inspiration is to take up arms, regardless of the consequences.  Now Saturn and Sedna are both slow-moving bodies, which need to be activated by other planets; but their opposition forms the general atmosphere and has done so for more than a week.  Saturn will move on—will change degrees soon—but Sedna will linger, holding onto old resentments and grudges.  Meanwhile, Mercury, the planet of communication and rhetoric, occupies 19• Aquarius, “A forest fire out of control”. This fast-moving planet has been moving backwards for three weeks, and has slowed down to turn direct on Friday.  Chances are, it will trigger first a war of words and then again of action—but Mars is also about to turn retrograde on the 1st, at 28• Libra,  “A man becoming aware of being assisted by spiritual forces”—which may in turn bog down peace negotiations. 

Taken together, the atmosphere is inflamed.  And not just in the Ukraine or Syria—the tenor of debates in Quebec and Arizona is just as heated.  There is some hope in today’s aspects, however: the Moon and Venus are conjoined in Capricorn, bringing a judicious, feminine energy to bear.  And the Sun degree for yesterday is “A girl blows a bugle, heralding a New Age.” So here I am….anybody out there?

Whether we’re listening or not, what the planets reflect today will be tomorrow’s news.