Learn astrology?  You?  Yes, why not?

A couple of days ago, I wrote a quick-and-dirty account of MY journey to the profession.  It boiled down to “read–experimented—found great teachers—met a role-model”.  That was my path; but it isn’t everybody’s, and it may not be yours.  There ARE others.

One thing you cannot get away from, however, is the need to read and think critically.  This is important in any discipline: in a metaphysical realm, it is ESSENTIAL.  How and whatever you read (and I have provided my own list of Important Astro-Books elsewhere), question everything, and weigh it against your own experience. 

I had a professor of Media Studies once who remarked that “Knowledge is what you’ve experienced–tasted, touched, read to, nursed, danced with, held, and so on.  Information is the other guy’s knowledge.”  This is absolutely true, and so information demands tough inquiry before you accept it completely.

That being said—beyond reading, and beyond one-on-one teachers—there are astrological SCHOOLS.  The most famous of these is the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London, which has done phenomenal work to bring astrology into the modern world as a respectable body of knowledge.  Should you wish to pursue studies with the pinnacle of astrological academia, you don’t have to GO there, necessarily: there is a superb distance curriculum, with graduate-tutors all over the world.  (We have at least one in Halifax.)

In addition to the FAS, there are a plethora of credential-granting institutions all over the world, teaching different schools of astrological thought and method.  As with the literature, it is vital to do one’s research before committing; but there are many reputable halls of astro-learning—and most have distance courses.

Many astrologers teach privately, too.  I do myself, on a one-to-one basis: I find it is easier and more effective to work at the student’s level than to try to marshal a classroom—but then, that is how I learned.  Your mileage may vary.  And there is a difference between learning astrology as a subject and choosing it as a profession.

And THAT is a topic for another day!