Wheels within wheels.  Cycles within cycles.  We have a Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn—a 20-year cycle; but occurring TODAY with the greatest proximity in 800 years—which is also a Grand Mutation from Earth to Air—a cycle spanning 795 years—occurring exactly on the Winter Solstice, which is also a World Point.

Whew.  And what does that mean?

Jupiter and Saturn meet at the 1st degree of Aquarius, “An old adobe mission.”  That they do so is not unusual—every 20 years a Great Conjunction between Jupiter (optimistic expansion) and Saturn (pragmatic focus) sets the tone for the following two decades.  What makes THIS conjunction special is the complete shift from Earth Signs to Air Signs—a cyclical event that only happens every 795 years.  The last time the Great Mutation occurred reliably in Air Signs was in March of 1226 AD.

To understand why this is important, and what it means for us, we need to grok the nature of the elements in astrology. Fire is passion and energy; Earth is practicality and material matters; Air is ideas and intellect; and Water is emotion and mystery.

Great Conjunctions have occurred in Earth Signs since 1802, with a reversion into Fire in 1842.  So, since 1802, we have been preoccupied with material matters—infrastructure, financial frameworks, governments, systems.  NOW we will move to a new kind of idealism, obsessing about equality in every facet of our lives.

The last Great Conjunction before a Great Migration dips back into the element it is leaving—in this case, Earth—before locking into the next element. This current Great Mutation began with a conjunction in Libra (Air) in 1981; it reverted to Capricorn (Earth) in 2000; on December 21st, it returns to Air for the rest of our lives.

Possibly, just possibly, this IS the Age of Aquarius…