In the spirit of the New Year(s), I want to post a caveat about reforming—particularly if one sets out to reform somebody ELSE, which in my line of work is an occupational temptation.  There is no finer feeling than to see the light go on in someone’s eyes and know that they GOT it, that your words have had an effect and that this person will go forth and USE the wisdom obtained at your feet—the metaphorical equivalent of an astro-consultation.  It’s delicious; and it’s dangerous, because it’s habit-forming for both client and astrologer.

Most people are the way they are because they chose and choose to be.  You can remind them of the collection of strengths and vulnerabilities they came in with—a birth chart reflects that—but they’ve moved on now into the interplay of those traits according to their own and the devil’s ideas, and you can’t change ‘em.  And you shouldn’t try:  that kind of change belongs to the realm of free will, and is up to the client to decide. 

Creating dependency is both a bad idea karmically and a terrible business practice.

Astrology gets a bad name when we as astrologers set ourselves up as decision-makers; we are at our finest when we describe the astro-weather to the client and remind him or her of the planetary umbrellas they came in with.  That’s our job.  We don’t get to judge our clients and we certainly shouldn’t be making their decisions for them.