In addition to washing windows to let in the spring sunshine, and raking lawns to wake the frozen ground, I was thinking about annual astrological tasks the other day.  What do I mean by that?  Well, each planet embodies a sphere in our lives.  The Sun’s our basic personality; the Moon reflects our inner nature; Mercury’s how we think and communicate, and so forth.  This is the stuff of conventional astrology.  But why do we need to know the degree at which each one occurs?  Why is Sabian Symbol imagery so important?

Because it answers questions about what is asked of us in this life.

Sabian Symbols set out precisely the themes animating the areas in our lives described by the planets.  It’s not enough just to recognize ourselves in these images.  We need to ponder WHY this particular collection of themes showed up in the heavens when we were born, and what—taken together—we are asked to DO with them; and how we—as individuals—can make them truly our own.  We need to review our missions, clean up our acts, and take out the trash.

And spring is a PERFECT time to do that.