We are sitting in darkness.

‘Tis the time of year: in North America the days are officially shortest this week.  We crave the light: for warmth; for perspective; for something by which to see.  And, on locating it, we rush in, crowding each other for a place in its glow.

But what about the darkness?  We are creatures of both night and day, and we cannot have one without the other: these opposites complete one another.  In darkness we rest; we grow; we contemplate our next moves.  In daylight we make them.

Charts describe both dark and light, our strengths and weaknesses, our beauties and our flaws.  In life everything comes into play, so we must learn how to move forward towards our best selves—but we begin in darkness, and we must come to understand it so that it does not hold us back.  We must trace and trust our shadow as well as our spirit, for each is part of our souls.

This cold December night, I invite you to explore your darkness and embrace it, as the season turns to the newer light of spring.