Saturn went direct today, so if you are feeling like a deflated balloon, you are not alone.

After five months of gradually-lightened burdens, we have returned to reality with a THUNK.  Whatever we did in that climate of exhilarating haze, the bills are coming in now.  The view from here may not be pretty, but it’s accurate at last.

Whoa.  Breathe.

The good news is that things are grim, but not dire.  There’s a lot we can do to stave off disaster; and that begins with ourselves.  We have the skills and assets to cope with this difficult passage, but we need to reacquaint ourselves with our toolkits.  We also need to cast our minds back as to how we got here—roughly, what we did with our time and our money since April.  That process of review will stand us in excellent stead between now and the end of October, when Mercury next retrogrades—if we have done our homework in advance, we’ll be in good shape to capitalize upon the dislocations Mercury Rx always brings to travel, communication, commerce, and general logistics.  These are uncomfortable, even tricky, times; but if we simply buckle down—Saturn’s preferred mode—we can make them work for us.

Never doubt that we can do it.