“Everyone knew she was gonna be fast;
Everyone said they could build her to last:
10,000 tons of hurtlin’ steel
Screamin’ round the curves, nobody at the wheel.
Everyone said don’t pay it any mind–
there’s a pot of gold waiting at the end of the line.” –Eliza Gilkyson

Tuesday’s New Moon ushers in a month that’s going to be BUSY.  In a mad scramble to get to essentials—and we won’t know what they are, unless we take the time to do the work and ANALYSE what’s happening—there will be the tendency to go off in all directions at once (and be silly while we’re at it), thereby wasting a lot of energy.

Or we can be still and LISTEN to what’s really going on.  We can do the work of in-depth preparation; we can consider that work carefully.  Saturn dips back into Scorpio for a couple of months, which gives us the stamina for minute, detailed examination.

But we won’t want to do that: Mars conjoins the Sun and Moon closely—in Halifax, in the house of career—so the desire to push ahead will be full-throttle.  Tempers are likely to soar; words will be spoken or written rashly; and precarious positions will be taken which will difficult to retract.  The sensation of being painted into a corner will be alarmingly familiar, coupled with a rising panic that somehow, somewhere we may have missed the point.

Our saving grace is kindness—slowing down sufficiently to care about those around us, and expressing that compassion creatively and joyfully.

 Otherwise, this lunar cycle, we’re a train wreck.