‘Tis the season once again, that warm and rosy time of…ECLIPSES.  We have two of them coming up in the next couple of weeks, one on November 30th and one on December 14th , a Full Moon (lunar) and a New Moon (solar), respectively. Time to prepare ourselves for a wild and rocky ride…just in time for the holidays. 

But these tempests are not unusual, or even part of the general 2020 dislocation:  EVERY six months or so, Eclipses arrive with their attendant disruption.  They turf us out of cozy nests of expectations, the ruts we have been redecorating.  They give us permission–and energy–to change.  And WHAT will they change?  Generally, anything we’ve been resisting or avoiding, almost always to be found in the parts of our chart where they fall.  Matters we’ve been meaning to get around to will get around to US; and that’s not always comfortable.

In fact, it rarely is.  But it’s where we need to grow.  And self-knowledge is worth the pain.

Eclipses have a sinister reputation, but they are not all bad.  Each Eclipse has its own flavour, its bouquets and brickbats.  There are unexpected, upsetting moments; there are also hidden gifts.  I’ll write more about these individually soon; but for now, please know that there is absolutely NOTHING we cannot handle if we know ourselves well enough…