Reviewing the heart.  That’s the whole purpose of Venus Retrograde—from July 25th until September 6th.  That we may feel lonely or rejected is incidental—we need to take stock every so often to know exactly what it we DO feel.

Every eighteen months or so, Venus appears to reverse herself in the sky—and our relationships seem to suffer.  That is—for a period of about six weeks, they don’t function normally, because we are engaged in the important work of maintenance.  We need to examine WHY we are in them (or not in them, as the case may be); WHAT we can do to improve them for all concerned; and WHETHER we need to bail or dig in more deeply.  Heavy stuff.  You betcha.

This weighty work is made more difficult, because EVERYONE is feeling a tad hard-done-by.  This is work that can only be done alone, which means that one’s significant other(s) may feel neglected and abandoned.  It’s temporary; but it may not feel short-lived as one does without the usual expressions of affection.  So tempers may fray and snap, motives may be misunderstood, and doubts may have no benefits, all in the name of emotional health.

That’s right, HEALTH.  Because this rigorous evaluation IS healthy: it allows us to determine what precisely we are up to in our dealings with others, and to make corrections where necessary.  We spend a lot of our lives trying NOT to know unpleasant truths about our relationships: during a Retrograde Venus period, we have to be honest with ourselves and others; and that can hurt.  

This particular Venus Retrograde is mostly in Leo, the sign of the Ego; so we may learn some things we’d rather not know about our own inner workings.  But forewarned is forearmed; and we’ll be in much better shape, come September.

And this year, we may feel it can’t come fast enough.