I have never understood people who fear getting older.  Have they considered the alternative?  Aren’t they curious about what could happen?

Birthdays for me are watermarks, signs of progress and possibility.  “Wow!  I made it to six! (Or sixty.)”  They are also beginnings of new cycles of growth and opportunity and challenge; and astrology is made up of those cycles.  Every year, the Sun returns to its natal position (not always on the calendar birthday); and a chart drawn for that moment describes the nature and focus of that year.  Years when Solar Return planets intersect with natal planets are particularly eventful; but there are quiet years, too.  Understanding the year as a cycle in itself allows us to work with its rhythms—to make the most of it—and to forgive ourselves if we occasionally wax and wane.

Human beings are not consistent.  But our inconsistencies ARE predictable.

Lunar Returns work the same day, except that here we consider the Moon, which returns to its natal position once a month.  The Moon deals with our inner nature, our moods and emotions, in effect, our soul.  Its cycle lasts 28 days; and in that time we run the gamut of our emotional experience.  A Lunar Return chart describes the politics on the ground, what we are feeling day-to-day, which can be a much more precise tool than the larger-themed Solar Return. It’s immediate and personal.

Taken together, we can get a pretty clear picture of what’s going on RIGHT NOW, outside and in; and—far more importantly—we can place it in the context of its cycle. 

We’ve never been here before.  We have never seen THIS DAY—THIS MONTH—THIS YEAR before.  It’s brand new.  And isn’t it a beauty?