I believe in astrology.  I have NO IDEA why, as a system, it works: but it does; and for me that system is both logically comprehensible and eminently useful.  Now I don’t for a moment imagine that whirling hunks of rock in the sky have an immediate effect upon affairs here on Earth, but I find them a reliable reflection of what’s happening around me.  As above, so below: you betcha.

I have no time for theological debate or scientific refutation: in modern times, both religion and science attack astrology as superstitious, destructive, and manipulative bunkum, conveniently forgetting that once-upon-a-time, astrology WAS both science and religion: its origins are identical with the eternal questions asked by each. 

Why are we here?  What should we do?  Why does it matter?

Why do I practice astrology?  As I mentioned earlier, because it’s useful.  As a body of knowledge, it’s a tool, very handy in the quest towards understanding those weighty questions, and other lesser (but more personal) queries:

What does he/she see in me?  Where should I live?  Will I ever get a job?

As I practice it, everything is hypothesis.  I don’t make your decisions for you: you do.  All I offer is advice, based on my own experience and those generally-reliable planetary movements.

No smoke; just mirrors.