“Hey, I got my chart done.  I’m a Libra with Taurus Rising.”


End of story.  But it’s not the end of YOUR story, which is a good thing, or astrologers like me would starve.  

An astrological chart is a snapshot of a moment in time; a birth-chart is the snapshot of the moment in time when YOU were born.  It describes your character and predilections based on planetary positions at that time; and THAT is what you mean when you say your chart was “done”.  You sat down with an astrologer, who mapped out those positions and told you about your character, which you weighed by what YOU know about yourself.  He or she then might have mentioned some current planetary influences, voiced a few warnings or suggestions, accepted your payment, and sent you on your way.  That is what MOST people mean when they say that their chart was “done”; so for them, what I am going to say is utter heresy.  

A chart is never DONE: a chart is READ.  And more than once: YOU do not stop growing or changing as you get older; your birth-chart is something that develops, over time, like an old-fashioned photograph.   Some parts of it will be emphasized by events or experience; others lie dormant for decades, waiting to be triggered by a chance meeting or an opportunity disguised as loss.   You kind of grow into it.

Stress and trauma as well as joy and ecstasy can lead us to forget what we know of our strengths and vulnerabilities; a chart goes on reflecting these, acting as a catalogue of our abilities to handle whatever life sends us.  An astrologer reading that chart can remind us of them, holding up a timely mirror to bring perspective and balance, so that we can go on.

Because WE’RE not done.