I have a bad temper.  I’m impatient, and frequently blunt beyond belief.  I snap first and regret later.  All these things I know, to my sorrow; and inflict, to my cost.  I have Mars in Aries.

These things said, I am also impulsively generous; and I seldom hold grudges.  (I can’t remember ‘em: I move too fast.)  I can be bold and surprisingly courageous: if I plunge in, I carry on; and I stand by my mistakes.  I can blaze new trails and lead others on them—generally NOT down a garden path.  I have Mars in Aries.

This snippet from my natal chart—an astro-selfie, if you will—I offer as an illustration of the ways in which we see and talk to ourselves ABOUT ourselves.  If we are feeling exuberant or proud or merely well, we remember the positive parts of our natures; if we are down, however, we see only our faults, which seem legion and insurmountable.  The good news is that they AREN’T: they only look that way to us at despondent moments.

How we see ourselves affects the way we live.  If the messages of our self-talk are negative, our natural good opinion of those selves suffers.  We need other eyes and voices to remind us of who we are at core.  Friends and family and colleagues help; but they are like the blind men who each touched a different part of the elephant: every one of them has a unique experience of us, but it’s only their take that they know.

A horoscope shows the whole picture.  A good astrologer describes it without judgment, helping us to regain perspective on our traits and on our lives.  If we can name them, we can reframe them—for the better.

We can change.