April got away from me.  So did most of May:  I was puzzling over April.  Sometimes there is so much astral weather going on that I cannot write a blessed thing.

What’s been going on in the sky since March has been monumental.  In April alone we had one of the tightest, lengthiest, and most intensely all-encompassing Grand Crosses I’ve ever seen in my astrological career—plus two eclipses and another exact hit of the Uranus-Pluto square.  Roughly translated from the Astrologese, EVERY PLANET was engaged in nearly-exact aspects, mostly difficult, reflecting the tumultuous tenor of world affairs.  To paraphrase the old Chinese curse, we’re living in interesting times.

As above, so below: in every one of my clients’ charts (and in those of almost everyone I know), intensity reigned and crisis loomed.  These things kept me hopping; and I got done very little else. 

And May—the Grand Cross has largely broken out into small groups, as my government friends like to joke.  It’s still going on, in a watered-down form; but the gut-wrenching intimations of impending doom are largely gone for now.  Mars has gone direct and Pluto has been retrograding since mid-April, which means they will meet again in August; Saturn turns direct next month, which means we can get on with moving and shaking.  Of course we do have three weeks of a Retrograde Mercury, starting June 7th and ending July 1st; and Neptune’s retreating until November; but those movements are familiar and manageable.

So—June.  Good time to clean out the closet and pick up the pieces.  Rinse and repeat.