Venus is about to enter Virgo—briefly.  We get two weeks of this much-maligned transit, before it retrogrades back into Leo on the 31st, there to languish, backwards and forwards (on the 6th of September), until October 8th.   So why does a Virgoan Venus have such a bad reputation, and what can we learn from its brief sojourn in the sign of Mercurial Earth?
Virgo is a sign preoccupied with purity and precision and perfecting regimes, rules, and rhythms in daily life.  It rules health and diet and workplace conditions, as well as relationships with aunts and uncles and pets.  Hardly the stuff of romance, on the surface of it—but look again:  Virgo is the ULTIMATE romantic, because it is passionate about IDEALS.  

People with Venus in Virgo are purists, because they CARE about accuracy: they are consecrated to the notion of exactitude as service, and they are correct—particularly in the realms of medicine and haute couture and civil rights.

We need them.  And we need this transit, desperately—both now and in the fall.  We need the joy of getting it right in the details, of accurate numbers, of elegant fit in classical lines, of—dare I say it?  Moral rectitude.  Virgo is also the sign of the critic, so woe betide anyone guilty of sloppiness or sloughing or—gulp!—cheating.  Virgo is merciless when confronting these lapses; but hardest of all on themselves when a fault is perceived—another saving grace.  They are honest.  Meticulously so.

And so—to be in tune with the times—should we be.  Because—if we slacken—Virgo will notice.  And call us on it.

Venus in Virgo is a mirror.  Precise, beautiful, and terrible.