Part of my morning astro-practice is to look over planetary aspects for the day and note the Sabian Symbols for the degrees the planets are occupying.  Keywords and themes leap out at me today—“loss”; ”grief”; “longing for peace and planning for unexpected crises that threaten it”—and “playing by the rules”.  Playing by the rules sounds unrelated to the other ideas, but it’s not: part of our grief and our determination to plan stems from a sense of injury that—unfairly—the rules don’t work.  They’re not keeping us safe.  We follow the guidelines, and we still get sick; our jobs disappear; isolation is now mandated and ever more stringent.  And we feel powerless to do anything about any of it. 

We’re mad as hell; and we take it out on one another.  And some people refuse to abide by ANY of the rules, which makes it even harder on the rest of us.  Blame and suspicion are rampant and poisonous: everything is heightened, and all this is reflected in the heavens.

But something else is mirrored there: hope.  Astrology is about nothing, if not about time, and TIMING in human experience–

So Saturn, the Mandate Planet, the Ruler of Time, occupies 29 Capricorn, “A woman reading tea leaves.”  We are asked to read the signs, follow the clues towards what my dad used to call finding our own salvation…this is not “every man for himself’, but rather each person discerning what his or her role may be in the situation. 

And Neptune, the Planet of Visionary Compassion, sits at 19 Pisces, “A Master instructs his disciples.”  If we pay attention, we may LEARN something—about that compassion; about patience; about how to save ourselves and others; about ourselves…over time.