I am frequently asked, when a major event occurs in my own life, “Well, did you see it coming?”  And I answer, “Not exactly.”  I knew something was up; I just didn’t know WHAT.

I like to think of it as paying attention.

When I get up in the morning, I look at the planetary positions for the day and consider them, relative to each other and to my own chart.  Because I use Sabian symbols, channeled images for each degree of the zodiacal circle, I get a clear sense of the themes of the day, the psychological scenario into which the day’s doings are “born”.  Days which have been important for me have had planetary signatures, connections to my chart.  I saw them in advance, but had no idea how I’d experience them or think about them later.  But knowing the planets and the houses involved gets me ready for whatever’s coming.

Knowing how long a transit will last lets me suggest, as any forecaster would do: “Wear your rubbers—rain coming in.”  “Buy low, sell high.  Expect to ride this correction out.”  “Odds-on favourite to win.”  Now I am not psychic, so I do not KNOW if the low-pressure system will veer or the stock will rise or horse will fall; I just know what the conditions are, for any given event, at any given time.  And sometimes that knowledge can save a life.

Paying attention pays off.