The month of Libra is upon us: beginning with Saturday’s Equinox, the focus is on relationships.

That is an annual event; but this year there’s an additional emphasis, because Venus—Libra’s ruling planet—goes Retrograde October 5th.  This will up the ante considerably.

What do I mean by that?  Each month of the Zodiac has its own special preoccupations—the first six deal with the individual, the second with the individual in the company of others.  The Autumn Equinox takes us from the season of ME to the season of US.

Retrogrades force us to reconsider everything we have done, said, or felt to this point.  Which—when we remember that we are about to encounter the world outside ourselves—is a very USEFUL thing to do.

Checking in with our hearts is no small endeavour, and Venus Retrogrades, which occur every 18 months or so, last for approximately 6 weeks: this one lasts until November 16th.  It’s time to ask ourselves (and our partners) whether we still want what we thought we wanted in our relationships, and to consider what changes may be necessary to improve their quality.

Scary stuff.  But it’s maintenance; and it keeps the gears running smoothly.  Worth the work.