Eclipses.  Retrogrades.  Full Moons.  New Moons.  People react to these cyclical events, occurring with predictable reliability, with groans or glee, depending on their attitudes to change.   And change, invariably, begets growth.  And growth is almost always painful, at least in part, for it inches us that much closer to death—another reliably inevitable development.
So every astronomical event is a harbinger of eventual death.  But not just yet.  In the meantime we have stuff to do, and each astral phenomenon deepens our ability to do it.  We create strategies and work-arounds to lessen pain or difficulty; we find deeper meaning in joy when we have suffered for it.  When life’s events shake us up, and we survive, it is a triumph: another day on which we’ve cheated death.
Another candle we can blow out, on that cyclical event.
In the light of eternity—of life and death—even the dreaded Mercury Retrograde has its gifts of epiphany and humour.  Thinking backwards helps us get it right, so that we can go back and fix the things we rushed over in the first place.  And each 3-week hiatus makes us understand and appreciate how well things work in DIRECT motion—and we get this opportunity 4 times a year.
Eclipses come in pairs (with the occasional threesome) twice annually.  Lunations and full moons, every 4 weeks.  Solar Returns—birthdays—once a year.
And in every event, a milestone. 
We made it this far….