“Stop, children, what’s that sound?  Everybody look what’s goin’ down…” – Buffalo Springfield, “For What It Is Worth”

So what’s the astro-weather in October?  The word that comes to mind is “fierce”. 

Pluto, the planet of power, retrograde since April, goes direct at 21* of Capricorn on the 3rd.  Since Pluto has an orbit of 248 years, it moves roughly two degrees a year; thus the Sabian degree it occupies is important.  “A relay race” tells us a lot about the political cross-and jostle going on all over the world. 

Another feature: every planet except Uranus (of which more in a moment) is in a “social” sign.  The first six signs of the Zodiac deal with the life of the individual—“I am”; “I have”; and so on; the last six address the wider context of society.  So we see the flavour of the action here: the signs always signal HOW things are being done.  And even within that fairly close set of planets, there is conflict: Venus and Mars occupy each other’s sign for most of the month, and Mars squares Saturn, Pluto, and the North Node.  (See last week’s comments about taking out the trash.)  Uranus alone occupies the personal side of the Zodiac, making us rebellious, or at very least, cranky.

And then, on the 31st, we have the ever-popular Mercury Retrograde, disrupting issues of communication, commerce, and travel.   

Just in time for Halloween—and Brexit.