I have had a spate of guests as the summer ends.  We’ve sat out on the porch sipping morning coffee or evening wine, gorged ourselves on lazy barbecues and harvest salads, basked in the September sun.  Indulged ourselves.  Green going down to gold, as Frost would have it.

Well, winter’s coming.

Jupiter, who after several years of restrictive Saturn in his own sign, has ROMPED through it himself all 2019, Jupiter…is moving into Capricorn on December 2nd; and the party’s going to end.

This is not necessarily bad news:  Jupiter is given to excesses, and flush with the exuberance of Sagittarius, has ignored gloomy Saturn’s warnings completely, preferring the misty prophecies of Piscean Neptune…with the result that most of us have overspent and over-extended, and soon that’ll be OVER and we can get on with things.  And we’ll have to do that.

But for now…it’s not unlike a game of Musical Chairs.  Lovely music, festive food, party atmosphere…flirting with someone over a chair.  But just remember that when the music stops, you’d better know which chair is yours.