Approaching birthday got you down?  Feeling that you’re in a rut at the outset of another year?

Here’s a plan of action:

  • Find an astrologer to draw your birth chart. Then ask her/him to do your Solar Return for the coming year.
  • Think very hard about what you want more (or less) OF in your life—Love? Money? Health? Career?
  • Ask your astrologer WHERE you need to be on the day of your Solar Return in order to emphasize or downplay that part of the chart.
  • Make plans to GO THERE!

Solar Returns are charts cast for the exact minute that the Sun returns to its natal position.  (This can be the day before or after your birthday: your astrologer will know.)  The planets will be the same no matter where on the globe you are, but the HOUSES change, depending on—you got it—the location.  You want to be where the action’s at.

So, if you’re looking for love, and your Solar Return chart has particularly juicy aspects in it, you want to find a spot where they’ll land in 5th and 7th Houses, and where Venus can shine; but if there are more challenging aspects, you want to be somewhere where they can do less damage that they would if you stayed home.

Travel doesn’t appeal?  Your astrologer can still give you tips on how to make the most of the year ahead.  And maybe home IS the best place to be this year…FIND OUT!