“Don’t know why/There’s no sun up in the sky/ Stormy weather…”


Remember that astrological respite I hinted at last week?  Um, er, ahem…I was wrong.  The next two weeks bring us Mars squares, first to Pluto, then to Uranus.  Brace yourselves, folks: this could be a bumpy ride.


Mars triggers any planet it transits.  And it will be setting off Plutonian transformation and Uranian revolution.  Relative to world events, these are powder kegs about to be detonated.  In the lives of ordinary mortals, these are still powerful energies heralding CHANGE.  Major, major stuff going on in our lives.  Interesting times.


What to do?  Nothing.  This is weather, folks, as sure as any thunderstorm or heatwave, and there’s not a thing we can do about its arrival—except be prepared. Understand that resistance is futile, and so we’d better work WITH the enormous amount of energy swirling around us just now.  Don’t panic—USE it.  Where do these change-bringers fall in our charts?  In which sectors are we change-resistant?What can we keep and what needs to go?


That these mighty aspects fall within a Mercury Retrograde period is actually a kind of protection:  since we are already minded to look backwards at our lives, we are already spotting and correcting our mistakes.  The energy of Mars can give us the boost we need to make necessary changes; the seeming direness of the astral atmosphere just adds urgency and lends power to these transformations.  We can actually get more done than we could do in normal periods—whatever normal might be for any one of us.


According to Mark Twain, “Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it.”   Well—give the weather in your life some thought.  What needs doing? The aspects in the sky should help you figure it out.