I’m finding it difficult to write about what’s going on, because some of it is unbelievable, and most of it is horrible beyond belief.  We are moving through a prolonged period of disunity and cruelty masquerading as normalcy, in which lies and hypocrisy are the currency of our discourse.  We are hurting and bitter and we seem to have forgotten how to talk to one another without that edge in our tone.  And now we are killing one another…where does it stop?  And when?

This Grand Cross in the sky pits Venus against Uranus, both squaring the Moon’s Nodes, which are karmic in nature.  All four are in Fixed signs, which lends a stubborn, uncompromising tone to the atmosphere.  Everything feels dire and inflamed.  Grand Crosses leave one feeling almost impaled, unable to move, stuck.  Stuck in a miserable place.

The events of the week following the Full Moon have been disorienting and terrifying, but they are the artifacts of that Full Moon, which began the Grand Cross.  In that chart, Uranus conjoins the Moon, while Retrograde Venus sticks close to the Sun; the Nodes square them all.  Uranus’s instability dominates, disrupting the retrograde work of examination and repair; relationships and finances suffer and unravel, seemingly unchecked.

The sky is a mirror for us all.  When we have such difficult transits, it’s important to put them in context, to remember that this awful astral weather is exactly that: weather, transitory by nature, part of the monthly rotation. This too shall pass; and it passes with the coming New Moon—November 7th, the day after the mid-term election in the United States–at the Sabian degree of “A young girls’s face breaking into a smile.”   Venus goes direct November 16th, and Mercury retrogrades on the 17th: the beat goes on.  But the lesson of these brutal transits—and the point to surviving them—turns on HOW we behave in extremity, the choices we make, the ways in which we treat one another.  Grace under pressure.