Mercury Retrograde.  The very words strike terror into the breasts of the initiated, particularly those who don’t have the option of holing up in the Himalayas and have to navigate the workplace—wherein they can expect delays, last-minute demands, lost keys or shipments, travel snafus, unexpected complications—in short, all the inconvenience and discombobulations connected with backwards motion. The benefits of Mercury Rx are mostly personal; but the setbacks mainly occur in the world of work.

What can you do?  PREPARE!!!  DO IT NOW!

Mercury goes Retrograde on October 4th, 2014; and stations Direct on October 25th, 2014.  If you have scheduling to do, do it BEFORE Friday.  If you know that you will be holding important meetings during that time, draw up the agenda as soon as possible, leaving lots of space for the unanticipated item that could otherwise derail the process.  If you are projecting a business trip, do your research and book well in advance.  You will thank yourself mid-October, particularly since there are two eclipses during this period, either of which could be game-changers.

What CAN you do at work during Mercury Retrograde?  DUE DILIGENCE!

Review.   Brainstorm.  Conduct accounting forensics—particularly effective during this time-frame.  In fact, it’s a really great time to evaluate and tweak your business plan, based on looking over the last few months—since mid-July, when Mercury came out of the shadow period from the LAST Retrograde.  Allow yourself to dream a bit, since Mercury Rx is definitely right-brain, because some fabulous ideas could surface which you’ll be able to put into practice after the NEXT shadow period—after November 11th.

So relax.  Enjoy the occasionally loopiness.  And sign everything with a pencil.