Good news, folks!  Mercury stations and goes direct tomorrow.  Time to boldly go?  Not so much.  We have some ground to recover.  

It works this way: when Mercury retrogrades, we go back to the metaphorical drawing board.  For three weeks, everything related to communication or travel is snafued: hindered, delayed, outright canceled—or, paradoxically, expedited.  (People pull off miracles during a Retrograde Mercury, then wonder why they can’t replicate ‘em when it goes direct.)  But you’ve probably been living that experience of late, and hanging on for that glorious day when the planet goes direct and everything gets back to normal.  Right?

Wrong.  Mercury has a Shadow Period.  From now until November 27th, we shall be playing catchup-ball.  Mercury went retrograde at 19• Scorpio, the Sabian Symbol for which is “A parrot repeats a conversation he has overheard.”  Not, if you think about it, a bad point from which to reconsider one’s options, if one’s thought processes have fallen into rote—or ruts.  Mercury stations (stops) at 3• Scorpio—“Neighbours raising a barn together.”  Not a bad place to land, this idea of cooperative effort.  And from THERE we can retrace our steps to where we are sure that the message we convey truly reflects what we want to say—and then move forward from the 27th on.

See how this works?