The Sun moves into Scorpio today: the second month of the social signs.  We shift from “We are” to “We have”—which is all about common values.  What are they?  Where do we meet on matters that matter to all of us?  Figuring that out is likely to preoccupy us all month.  How do we meet the other—who may be hostile, or WRONG, or just plain DIFFERENT from us? 

Illegitimati non carburundum.

What happens when singular shifts to plural?

In the world, it often means struggle.  Nations aren’t good at sharing; so they fight.  On a personal level, the conflicts may be inner or outer, subtle or overt, but they still require resolution.

Scorpio is inherently political, because it deals with boundaries—where one thing ends and the other begins.  And that’s tricky, because it often demands holding opposing views at the same time.  And Scorpio is passionate: it’s the Fixed (stubborn) Water (emotional) sign, and it doesn’t relent.  But Scorpio is also shrewdly practical: tho’ it detests clutter, it rarely throws out anything it might need later.  Which may force a truce—but how to achieve this with honour?

Principled compromise demands creativity, will, imagination, and perseverance.

All Scorpio traits.