What going on in the sky today?  Does it matter?  Are the planets disagreeing with one another, or are they getting along?  Where’s the Moon?  Is anything retrograde, or about to be?  Can I live my life without knowing any of these things?

You betcha.

You can spend your entire life without knowing where Jupiter is astronomically, or what it means among the astrological pantheon; but it will still reflect a part of what’s going on in your life, if you chose to look, just as you can avoid weather reports or stock market predictions, unless they affect you directly.

OR…you can walk from Maine to Texas, just by setting out in a southwesterly direction; but if you have a map you’ll know where to cross the Mississippi.  It helps.

I can fix my hair just by patting it into place; with a mirror, I’ll do an infinitely better job.

Maps and mirrors: these things reflect.  So does astrology: “As above, so below.”