People ask me, “Why should I get my chart done?  How does it work, and what will it help me to see/learn about myself?”  I have been passionate about astrology for 52 years, so here’s a recent (if long-winded) answer:

A chart is calculated for the exact moment in which an event (such as a birth) takes place, in the place where it happens–in my case, my natal chart is set for Baltimore, MD, at 2:54 PM on February 5th, 1955.  What that gives me are the planetary positions of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, plus a smattering of asteroids. (There are literally thousands.)  These describe my basic life force; my inner nature; how I think; what I value; how I act; what my philosophy and reason for being on the planet are; what I believe in; and my power to affect the world.

To get even more precise, I use a system of channelled images called Sabian Symbols, in which every degree of the Zodiac, which is an enormous circle, has an archetypal theme….so I get a very clear picture of who I am and why I’m here.

But the planets didn’t stop moving; and I didn’t stop growing; so those transits and progressions are another part of a reading. They are also predictive–when a transit or progression passes over or near a birth planet, it reflects what’s going on with me (or the person whose chart I am reading); so I can tell in advance what’s coming up for that person, at least the NATURE of the event or period in his or her life.

I know it sounds complicated–and it IS;  but then, so are human beings.  Astrology is an incredible tool for self-knowledge and for understanding others; it is also enormously helpful in figuring out where one IS in one’s life-journey and where one might choose to go.

I recommend getting an actual reading, if you are interested, with me or with someone else–depending on where you are, I can probably recommend someone local–or, as this website will tell you, I also do Skype or FaceTime readings. 

And THAT, my dears, is the end of this shameless advertisement!