ECLIPSE FULL MOON, November 30th, 5:29:38 AM AST, set for Halifax.

Eclipses shake and wake us up. Wherever they land in our individual charts, they point the way, and the ways in which we must change.

This pre-dawn (Atlantic Standard Time) Lunar Eclipse falls in the 7th House of Relationships, which indicates that dynamics with our nearest and dearest could use some work.  The Sun occupies 9* of Sagittarius, “A mother leading her small child step by step up a steep staircase”, which describes the care we must take in sharing our values with others; the Moon, at 9* Gemini, “A quiver full of arrows”, points out that we have options, ideas, and modes of expressing those principles that we may have overlooked. 

Neptune, the Planet of Visionary Compassion, stationed a few days ago, emphasizing the need to NOTICE need and to ask questions about it.  What are we missing, and whose points of view are not being heard, in our rush to proclaim our own?  Who is struggling—who is bleeding or drowning, or wounded and wounding others?  How do we take care of others when WE, TOO, need care?

Especially now, since Uranus, the Mad Trickster, keeps throwing us curves with which we must cope, shaken with the nitroglycerin of a potent Eclipse…and yet we stretch to reach into the quiver for yet one more arrow.

A principled life is one of responsibility—for oneself, but also for others; an Eclipse at these degrees calls us to examine how and to whom we answer.