Today’s New Moon should fill us all with purpose—it isTHAT kind of lunation.  We should be buoyed by confidence and optimism, ready to stride forth into the day with the reassurance of two guardian angels—the Sabian image for 3• Virgo—covering our backs—right?


Not necessarily.  


With Mars and Saturn also occupying a degree—18• Scorpio, a forest ablaze with fall foliage—we have the peculiar sensation of having our feet simultaneously pumping the gas AND the brakes.  Luscious Venus in Leo, still loosely conjunct Jupiter, still lures us on with promises of unexpected reward for our efforts, but she neglects to warn us that her close trine with trickster Uranus also aspects the Mars-Saturn meld, so that there could be accidents and unexpected confrontations.  Those guardian angels are going to earn their salt this month.


So what does all this mean in the grander scheme of things?  Many (if not most) of us are still reeling a bit from the tumults of the spring and summer’s astro-weather; and the return of Virgoan routine is sweet and crisp.  Mars in Scorpio actually works well with Saturn:  Scorpio’s obsessive quality is brought to heel by the Disciplinary Planet; and like all true soldiers, Mars prefers a general he can respect.  Despite (or perhaps because of) the strain of controlled power in the face of Uranian curve-balls, this is a superb time for starting long-term projects.  Every frustration faced and fixed will only strengthen our resolve; and the angels give us hope to carry on.


Not a bad start to Fall, no?