Passion.  Obsession.  Destiny.  These are the themes that come up when Venus opposes Pluto, as it does this week and next.  And since she’s moving in moody Cancer—and Pluto can be pretty brooding, even in Capricorn—the emotional climate is hot and heavy.  Add to this a playfully flirtatious Mars in Gemini, beginning its sextile to expansive Jupiter in Leo; and a Retrograde Mercury unhelpfully backing away and refusing to communicate; and we have the makings for Serious Emotional Drama.  The potential for romantic snafus is monumental.

On the other hand—with all that Mercurial energy, there always IS at least one—two strategies present themselves, each with its own set of difficulties.  We COULD leap onto the Wagnerian bandwagon and PLAY the drama to the max—while keeping our tongues firmly in our cheeks and in check—this scenario could be fun, but could also backfire spectacularly.  The other, somewhat less dicey idea would be to go for simplicity: acknowledging the storms, but stoutly insisting on riding them out together.  Both tacks demand a sense of humour AND a soothing respect for ruffled feelings—which are a good idea in any situation; in this planetary setup they are a necessity.  Without them—chaos and disaster could ensue.

And—as usual—we’d blame Mercury Retrograde.