“I ain’t no vision: I’m the girl who loves you / Inside and out..” 

So sang Leslie Feist, covering a classic BeeGees tune.  But did she?  And do you?

Relationships are SOOOOO tricky; and this year is full of ‘em.  We had Venus (or Aphrodite, or EveryWoman, if you prefer) traipsing off in a retrograde huff for Christmas and most of January; now we have Mercury, God of Communication, reversed for the whole of February; in March, macho Mars strides in, thinks better of it, and turns tail, just like the Groundhog.  Saturn (structure & material things) follows suit the next day, for almost five months, signaling that it will be hard to get things going again romantically, if they’ve gone off the rails courtesy of the other three. 

Regardless of how well they are going, folks, this year is about relationships.  Yours, mine, & everybody’s; and there’s no way of getting around it.  In this Year of Relationships, taking stock is crucial.

How well do you know your partner?  For that matter, how well do you know yourself?  And if you haven’t GOT a partner, what would you be looking for in one?

How does it work, and how could you make it better?

For most of us, these things can be mighty hard to see when we’re in the thick of things.  The heart has a way of obscuring things, magnifying delightful traits and glossing over deficits—which is why a map can be useful.  Astrology doesn’t take sides.