Money.  We all need it in order to survive; & most of us are pretty sure we don’t have enough.  What can astrology say about THAT?

Money is certainly described by an individual’s chart.  Access to money; attitudes ABOUT money; modes for making money.  Since that’s the case, why aren’t we all—including this astrologer—fabulously wealthy?

Timing has a lot to do with it.  Personal inclinations and predispositions further alter any straightforward game plan; and the lessons we have set up for ourselves in this lifetime may contradict our dreams of lucre (filthy or otherwise).  So—if that’s the case—how can astrology help?

·      By helping us to know ourselves – this is so important.  If we want to get ahead, we have to face our demons.  Period.  The only way to evolve a strategy that enhances our strengths and minimizes our vulnerabilities is to know what they are; and a natal chart reveals them clearly.

·      By helping us to understand the trends – the astrological climate in which we’re working.  “What’s going on in the skies, and how does it affect my finances?”  An astrologer can tell you.

·      By helping us to work with timing – which sometimes means accepting that NOW is not the time for expansion or gambles.  Benjamin Graham, in his landmark book on Wall Street, The Intelligent Investor, advises caution to the point of pessimism—and the stance that one is in the market for the long haul.  Sometimes—in order to capitalize—one must think small.  Conversely, SOMETIMES one should just go for it—seize the day, so to speak.  Astrology can help us sort out which is which.

Money is a metaphor for our values, so how we use it is important.  In the long run, we WILL muddle through.  But if we want valuable insight into those elements of survival—it’s probably time to book a reading.